Pictures For Inspiration.

So I’ve been randomly posting photos of things I want to do or accomplish in and around my house as sources of inspiration. So far I think it might be working. I’ll have to see what time brings. Why I didn’t think of this earlier is beyond me, but yay for progress.

I have a picture of Japanese kimono for my aspiration to learn the Japanese language. A woman with blue highlights for my apspiration to stop the Trich. I have a picture of me with a thumbs up for decreasing my amount of procrastination. A picture of a really cute bathing suit for my aspiration to become a healthier individual. And a picture of a grimoire as a reminder to continue on my quest for knowledge with regards to Wicca.

There’s more I’d like, but as I accomplish them, I’ll take them down and put new ones. Try it, it might be fun.